Occupy Wall Street as Imagining Otherwise

I’m sure you all have heard about (or perhaps participated in) the massive and energizing social justice activism that’s been happening in New York and around the country with the Occupy Wall Street movement. Since we’re focusing in this class on the theme of “imagining otherwise”–linking theory to social justice activism and the difficult necessity of creating social structures and relations beyond our current systems of oppression–I thought you might all find some of these posts interesting to think about in relationship to that.

How do you see the project of “imagining otherwise” at work in the Occupy Wall Street movement?

Just Seeds: Assata Shakur poster

Just Seeds: Take the Bull by the Horns poster

Just Seeds: Capitalism Suited for War (and 2 other great posters)

Just Seeds: more posters!

Social Justice & Anti-colonialism

An article about how the figure of the octopus has been used visually to illustrate capitalism.

Photos of more signs from the protests.

A fabulous article about the necessity of an intersectional race, class, and gender approach to the protests.

And an article problematizing the use of the term “occupy” in these and similar social justice movements.

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One Response to Occupy Wall Street as Imagining Otherwise

  1. mkk23 says:

    I didn’t know about the “Occupy Wall Street” until I read this blog post. I guess this shows my lack of interest in the world especially when I have access to news information at my fingertips through something called “internet.”
    So, it is safe to assume that a majority of the people who are participating in the OWS are middle-class, as in dependent on a job to make a living?

    So far from what I’ve researched, it seems like there is a HUGE amount of people participating in this event, not just in the U.S but across the world!
    Although the protest seems successful in it’s quantity, I question, whether this event will make a difference, as in will it bring the change that the society needs? Will the government listen to the voices of these people? Will the government act or will it just present to the public goals that may never be achieved?

    Oh, and I came across this image while doing research on the OWS

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